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    Welcome! I'm Daisy Cools. If you think I am a singer and a songwriter you are absolutely right.

    What you may not know is that my goal is not only to make music, but also to inspire. And in order to inspire, I need to get inspired myself. How do I do that? By travel, for instance.

    To get to know new cities, their dynamics and to have a look into other people's lives - that's what I'm interested in. The fact is that I happen to love a good challenge as well; to dive into something and see how I manage to surface.

    I always used to wonder how I would cope with just packing a bag and my guitar and move to another country. I didn't do too much about it until one day it dawned on me: I could combine making music and find out about living elsewhere. A cool project was born: The Europe Files.

    The Europe Files are a series of six EP's. Every EP in the series will be inspired by living in a different city.

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  • The Europe Files

    The Europe Files are a series of six EP's. Every EP in the series will be inspired by living in a different city. And so it shall be! Or more accurately: so it already has been and continues to be! I've already released two EP's in the series: The Paris File (2011) and The Palermo File (2012).

    The Paris File

    In both Paris and Palermo I have been living, performing and writing songs for a few months. And I loved it! It's incredibly exciting (always!) and downright scary (sometimes...quite often, actually) to arrive somewhere completely new and to try to make my way over there.

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    The Palermo File

    I've discovered that it really works for me. Yes, even the scary part, because it feels so damn good to push myself further into the unknown bit by bit.

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    The Lisbon File

    The third EP Eternal Newcomer - The Lisbon File will be released in February 21st, 2014. It will come to no surprise that I have lived in Lisbon for this one. I'm really excited to be playing the songs that I wrote there and I'm hoping to see you at the upcoming live shows.

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    Like what you're reading and hearing? Have a nice look around to find out more about the EP's, my trips or my album The Secrets We Keep (2009). Do you absolutely love any specific European city? Please share it with me, 'cause I've got three more cities to go for The Europe Files and, although it's not for lack of inspiration, I would love to hear your take on Europe's finest cities!

  • The Paris File

    Get The Paris File here from iTunes:

    When I arrived in Paris it was winter. Heavy snowfall. Incredible views all over. This harsh, beautiful winter made me quite lazy somehow (yes, I am shamelessly blaming the weather) and I gave in to it completely. For a few weeks in a row I didn't do much else but go across the city, stare at all the beauty and have drinks. Actually, it all came awfully close to a very happy holiday. A holiday including hearing a lot of live music at some great music venues.

    It took me more than a month to start writing songs - obviously I couldn't get anything done until the snow melted away- but once I got going I was on a roll. The weeks I had spent relaxing with eyes and ears wide open had already provided me with some ideas for songs. I also started planning and doing live gigs, meeting more people in the process - this inspired me to write more. You go, girl!

    Right before I went back to The Netherlands I wrote the song Be Good - a song I was particularly happy about the minute I wrote it. On the one hand it's about not taking mistakes too seriously, because some temptations are just worth it - and on the other hand it's about how ridiculous fear of missing out is. This subject had come up a lot during conversations I had in Paris. It resonated with me as well: as I was becoming aware of the fact that it was nearly time to leave the city, I had started to get annoyed with myself for having messed around and lazed around those first weeks in Paris, instead of working harder. Silly little regrets, because those weeks had been perfect. While I was writing Be Good I realized that.

    I decided to record Be Good along with three more songs that I wrote in Paris. I recorded this EP with Chris Grem, the incredibly gifted musician and producer with whom I had worked before and with whom I am still working today.

    The release of the EP The Paris File and the single Be Good followed shortly after my return from Paris. Filmmakers Turbo Turbo shot a video for Be Good in the Belleville & Parc des Buttes Chaumont area (the 19th arrondissement where I stayed).

    Check it out:

    I was incredibly happy with the reviews for The Paris File. Be Good got a lot of airplay on national and regional radio stations. While I was enjoying all this I was already planning my next trip and stay for The Europe Files. Destination: Palermo, Sicily.

  • The Lisbon File

    Get Eternal Newcomer – the single – here from iTunes:

    Eternal Newcomer is out now! It’s the single preceding the EP, Eternal Newcomer/The Lisbon File which will be released February 21st, 2014. Eternal Newcomer/The Lisbon File is the third EP in The Europe Files- project. In six songs I’m telling you all about my life, my beautiful experiences and crazy struggles in Lisbon.

    Check out the video for Eternal Newcomer right here:

  • The Palermo File

    Get The Palermo File here from iTunes:

    I was crazy about Sicily even before I went over to Palermo for The Europe Files. It was spring 2010 when I went there with friends for only a few days. We stayed in Trapani – in the North-West of Sicily. From there we visited Palermo for a day and the minute we got off the bus in Sicily’s capital I fell madly in love with the city.

    When I got home after the trip I knew I had to get back to Palermo. And fast please! Back then I hadn't come up with The Europe Files - project replica watches yet, so I was trying to find an excuse for a long stay in the city. Before I found one I started an online search for an apartment. Almost immediately I stumbled on visitpalermo.com. I contacted them - Maurizio and Andrea, as I would later find out - and they offered me a great place, an apartment called Casa Dante. I booked it right away. A rather impulsive action, I guess.

    The ‘excuse’ showed up right after booking the apartment: I had just released the album The Secrets We Keep and was deciding on which song of the album was to be replica watches the next single. My friend, director Maarten J. Boer (Turbo Turbo/Minimal Video), told me he was leaning towards the song Homewrecker. As it turned out Maarten already had a great scenario in mind. A scenario that begged for sultry surroundings. The sort that Sicily can easily offer. So here’s what happenend: a while after I arrived in Palermo Maarten and cameraman Ewoud Bon came to Sicily to film the video for Homewrecker starring Sicilian actor Ludovico Vitrano and the stunning actress Lidiya Liberman. I myself enjoyed playing the homewrecking musician.

    That cool place at the beach is Nino's beach in Cinisi, a nice beach near Palermo. I'm still very happy that Nino let us film there! Visitpalermo's Maurizio brought us to him and was also happy to let us film in Casa Dante! And guess what: when nearly a year after filming - and after my time in Paris - I was ready to move to the second city in The Europe Files I felt there was only one cheap replica watches place I could go and one place I could stay: Casa Dante, Palermo.

    It's the greatest thing, I believe, to arrive someplace new with a mission. In my case part of the mission was - and is - to perform as much as I can. This is hard to achieve without actually getting out there and meeting people, which helps in getting to know a city and getting the slightest idea of what it's like to live there. Palermo - all of Sicily actually - is such a great place to replica rolex do this as the people are so kind and welcoming. In, for instance, the city Marsala I went to a winebar called La Sirena Ubriaca where I met Angela Amato who worked there. She invited me to play at the winebar and she even acted like a real agent getting me more gigs. Unbelievably cool, this lady!

    As I mentioned before I felt at home in Palermo the moment I first set foot there. Well, that feeling kept deepening all the while I was there. There's something about Palermo. I think it has to do with it being a raw city, with it being filthy and fine at the same time. It's very crowded, lots of traffic. Chaos in the air. It's hot. Passionate. And the food! The wine! Fantastic! It really had a tight grip on me. I even wrote the city a lovesong -Difficult - that ended up on The Palermo File. And when the time to leave came I realized I was going to need a hard reset to get over Palermo and get back to life rolex replica watches in The Netherlands. So yeah, obviously that turned into a song as well: Reset. Reset was the single for The Palermo File which consists of five songs. Director Maarten J. Boer returned to Palermo too to shoot yet another video:

    I still miss Palermo, although Lisbon healed a bit of the heartache. Indeed Lisbon: the third city in The Europe Files!

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